NBCC Programs

Portraiture Workshop,
September 2006

Program meetings are held usually on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, but check the NBCC Calendar as meetings may vary based on conflicts such as holidays. These programs are learning experiences that may include presentations by members or by guest speakers. Some are purely inspirational, while others may be more tutorial. The occasional meeting may feature audience participation with hands-on learning or group discussion.

For information on these programs,see the newsletter, The Lens and Eye. The Activities Page has a map to our club meeting place at the Faith United Methodist Church, 6810 Montrose Rd, Rockville, MD, 20852.

Information for Presenters

NBCC can provide equipment for you to use in your presentation. Please request the list of our audio/visual equipment from your NBCC point of contact, and don't hesitate to ask if something is unclear.

Photo Tours and Workshop Ideas

To assist members considering hiring a location guide or joining an organized photo-oriented group, Gail Bingham maintains a list of third-party photography tours and photo workshops that NBCC members have enjoyed. The reviews are submitted by members and are not an endorsement by NBCC. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and we hope to add more reviews as members submit them. View the list here.

Body of Work and Image Critique Submission Guidelines

Image critiques (included in certain program meetings) offer members of all skill levels a chance to improve their photography by receiving honest feedback and constructive criticism from NBCC advanced members or from the group at large. Each member may submit a limited number of images to be critiqued, with a priority sequence designated in the filenames. The time spent on each image depends on the total number of images submitted, which is variable. Typically the higher priority images will be presented and receive a full and careful critique, but the lower priority images will not be displayed. Choose your priority sequence accordingly.

Body of Work exhibitions allow members to present a collection of images representing an area of particular interest to them, followed by brief group discussion. The images may represent a lifetime of photographic achievement, or may be recent work from the member's concentration or expertise. The member carefully selects and deliberately arranges the images, which may be reviewed in advance with the event coordinator(s). Participation is generally by invitation, usually to advanced photographers in the club, but may also be open to the membership at large.

For both Image Critique and Body of Work, the submitted images must be prepared in a specific format, size, and filename, then sent as email attachments to .

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