Competition Assignments 2012-2013

Eligible Date Range: Only photographs exposed on or after June 1, 2011 are eligible for the 2012-2013 NBCC Competitions listed below.

  1. September, 2012 - STAIRS

    Create an interesting composition where stairs, either inside or outside a structure, are a dominant feature. People and objects are allowed in the picture.
  2. October, 2012 - Open

  3. November, 2012 - WATERSCAPE

    A broad view of an area, similar to a landscape that has as its major component a body of water. The body of water could be either natural (a sea, a river, a lake, a natural pond or wetlands) or artificial (a man-made lake or a large pond).
  4. December, 2012 - BLACK & WHITE

    An image rendered in Black & White. The purpose of this assignment is to find interesting subjects in which color does not create the impact. They may be made directly from B&W negatives or converted from digital files. B&W infrared is also acceptable. Sepia and other toned images are not acceptable.
  5. January, 2013 - AN ABSTRACT IN NATURE

    An image taken of a subject in nature that the photographer makes into an abstract so that it is not obvious what the image represents. Images based on subjects in a garden, the zoo, an aquarium, etc. are acceptable. The entry title must include or identify the subject.
  6. February, 2013 - RHYTHM

    Rhythm is a harmonious pattern characterized by the regular recurrence of elements. Often, they provide an overall structure and a feeling of movement. The rhythmic composition comes from the balance of recurring shapes or lines.
  7. March, 2013 - AN EVENT

    Taking a photojournalistic approach, the image should tell a story about an event where people have gathered. This could be a news event, such as a parade or a demonstration, a sports event or even a family event. People must be included in the image; thus, photographs of a house on fire or an erupting volcano without people would be excluded images.
  8. April, 2013 - THROUGH THE WINDOW

    An image with a view looking through a window, either from inside or outside. The window must be evident in the picture.
  9. May, 2013 - Open

The Board of Directors approved the assignments for the 2012 - 2013 season
which were selected by a committee of NBCC members:
Willem Bier, Stephen Gelband, Mark Segal, Dawn Sikkema, Judy Switt.

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