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Who Can Participate at NBCC

Participation in club activities depends on your status: full member, waiting list, Emeritus, or invited guest. The activities and participation are listed in the Who Can Participate PDF document.

Competition Meetings

Club competition meetings are held typically on the first Wednesday of each month (please check the Calendar). We start promptly at 7:30, so please arrive up to 30 minutes early and get settled in. The competition is elimination judging of electronic images (projected digitally), black and white prints, and color prints. Only members may enter the competitions, but visitors are very welcome at the competition meetings. Be sure to check the schedule, as holidays and other conflicts sometimes rearrange the meetings.

Most club meetings are held at the Faith United Methodist Church, 6810 Montrose Rd, Rockville, MD, 20852. Click the map below, or view click to view larger map.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held usually on the third Wednesday of each month for the purpose of discussing and planning the activities of the Club. All officers and chairpersons of standing committees are expected to attend. Any member in good standing may attend and make a suggestion, voice an opinion, etc, but only board members may vote.

Education and Training

A large part of NBCC's mission is helping members improve as photographers. An expanded Education Program has been developed to support this goal. Small groups are defined by needs and wishes of the membership, and conducted by members of the Club as well. The groups are focused on skills , with an emphasis on assessing one's own work and learning the tools and techniques to improve upon it. It is also intended to generate interaction and support among the membership. Groups are open to NBCC members and those on the waiting list (on a space available basis).

In addition, courses led by NBCC senior photographers are offered, some at a discount. A full listing of all groups and classes can be found in the Small Group and Class Summary.

Hospitality - Volunteers Needed

NBCC is a social club as well as photographic, and hospitality plays an important role in all our club meetings. Please volunteer to help by contacting our hospitality committee chairperson (listed in your membership booklet) at regular club meetings. To check for the dates you've signed up or still open, look at the Hospitality Signups list or contact the Hospitality Chairperson.

Members (men and ladies) can also volunteer to help with room setup on a regular basis. No formal sign up is needed: just show up to meetings a few minutes early. Many hands make quick work of setting up the tables, especially at Print Night when many tables are needed. We really appreciate help putting away tables at the end of the night.

Community Outreach - PCR

NBCC Outreach Committee offers opportunities for members to use their photographic skills in broader community service, with the goal of providing support and experiences to individuals and community organizations through teaching, displaying, and assisting.

In one ongoing outreach program, NBCC works with Potomac Community Resources, Inc. (PCR) to teach basic photographic techniques to PCR's members. PCR is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian organization that encourages and supports the integration of persons with developmental differences into the life of the community. The "Phabulous Photographers" currently meet at Lone Oak Center, 1010 Grandin Ave, Rockville on the first Tuesday of each month from 7:00pm-8:00pm. Contact a committee member for more information about this enjoyable and worthwhile activity.

NBCC also sponsors the Rockville High School Photography Program in which Club members make photo presentations to classes, assist in field trips, judge photo contests, and give awards to deserving students. As with other NBCC committees, additional programs will be developed throughout the Program Year.

Communications among NBCC Members

In addition to our normal activities (club meetings, field trips, educational offerings, etc.), there are two global methods for communicating among club members, both using the Internet: GordieGrams and the NBCC Yahoo Group. Of course, you can call or send an email to other members; contact information is listed in the Membership Booklet.


Club-wide emails are affectionately nicknamed GordieGrams after our member Gordie Corbin whose idea and service this was for many years. You may send a GordieGram anytime you need to reach the entire club membership for such messages as official announcements and reminders of club activities, notice of a member who is hospitalized, invitation to the opening of a photo exhibit by NBCC members, or any urgent message. If you have photographic items for sale, a (one-time) offer can be broadcast. However, it is courteous NOT to send GordieGrams for things listed under Yahoo Group (below).

To send a GordieGram, compose your message to the members and list your contact information (email address or phone) prominently. Send the message to .

Currently, emails to this address are being received by Gail Bingham. To prevent flooding members with extraneous messages, the Board of Directors requested that Gail use her judgment as to whether the submitted message is appropriate for broadcast to the entire club. If deemed appropriate, she will then forward it to the members. And, to ensure that Gail knows your email is intended for club-wide distribution, please do NOT send such requests to Gail's personal email address.

To respond to a GordieGram, do not hit Reply. This would send your response back to Gail. Instead, use the contact information provided by the originator within the email.

Yahoo Group

Another communication method is our Yahoo Group. This is the place to conduct most other NBCC on-line communications. It's an ideal forum to initiate discussions on any photography-related topic, especially to ask for (and share) knowledge and advice. Also use our Yahoo Group to announce your photo activites outside NBCC, such as having some photos in an exhibit, winning a photo contest, or having a photo placed prominently (e.g., magazine cover). The messages are retained indefinitely, but are accessible only to NBCC members.

The Yahoo Group is an easy to use and valuable resource. Presently it is underutilized, but those who do use it get excellent advice, feedback and information from many club members. Members are encouraged to sign up and join the conversation.

This group is private (to lock out spammers) and limited to current NBCC members. The procedure for joining is to submit an email request to our Yahoo Group administrator: Bruce Cyr. Include your name, Yahoo account ID, and email address. (If you don't have a Yahoo account, sign up for free.) The adminstrator will verify your NBCC membership, then add you to the group. You can then access the discussion boards through your normal Yahoo sign-in. Or follow this link:

You can also elect to have new messages sent to your email (recommended), so you don't have to log into Yahoo to check whether there are new messages.

When replying to a Yahoo Group message, the editor may embed the original message as a "quote" in your new posting. Unless you need to directly include part of the previous post, it is good practice to delete the quoted message. That keeps the messages clear and avoids repeating the original post over and over.

Facebook Group

NBCC members who are on Facebook are welcome to join the club's member-only Facebook Group. It serves a similar function to the Yahoo Group, but takes advantage of social media functionality for information sharing, networking, and exchanging ideas. By affiliating with the NBCC group, members can interact in a closed (non-public) space, without having to individually "friend" other members or see their non-photography posts.

The Facebook group is private, meaning it is limited to NBCC members, and cannot be viewed by the general public. Within Facebook, search on "North Bethesda Camera Club" (no quotes), and it will take you to the group's page, where there is a button for you to "Join" the group. The administrator (Lori Ducharme) will verify your current NBCC membership before adding you to the group. Please note that if the name you use on Facebook is different than the name listed in our membership book, we may not recognize you. In that case, to avoid being mistakenly declined, please contact Lori Ducharme (via Facebook message, or via email as listed in your membership booklet) in advance to tell her what name you go by, and we'll be sure to add you to the group.

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