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Welcome to the North Bethesda Camera Club (NBCC) Web Site.

Our club is dedicated to the development of the photographic capabilities of our members, both novice and advanced. Competitions, program/workshops, and field trips are held most months from September to May to share knowledge, stimulate interest, and further the skills of our members. In addition to the high quality of photographic images produced by our members, we are especially proud of the camaraderie of the club.

Contact Us

The best way to get in touch with NBCC is to attend one of our meetings. All club meetings are held at the Faith United Methodist Church, 6810 Montrose Rd, Rockville, MD, 20852. Click the map below, or view click to view larger map.


NBCC organization consists of a Board of Directors and numerous committees, as shown below. The Board of Directors consists of four elected officers, the standing committee chairpersons, and appointed directors. View the NBCC Constitution.


Membership renewal applications (for current NBCC members) with payment of dues must be received by June 15. Club dues are $75 per person. Dues go toward necessary club expenses such as equipment, meeting room rental, honoraria and token gifts for the judges and presenters, special guest speakers, awards and trophies, etc. NBCC members work hard and contribute significant goods and services, and this helps keep our dues as low as they can be.

Members, please print and fill out this Membership Application.

The club newsletter, The Lens and Eye, is available for downloading on this web site (click here).

Membership Waiting List

NBCC membership is currently limited to 175 regular members and is typically filled. We maintain a waiting list so those who wish to join in the future can reserve a place in line. It is our hope that everyone on the waiting list can be admitted for the upcoming year, but this depends on how many current NBCC members renew their membership. There are always a number of members who do not renew because of relocation or other reasons. Don't hesitate to join the waiting list - there is no cost and no obligation.

After the renewal deadline for current members (early-summer), the newly-available memberships will be offered to those on the waiting list in the sequence the applications were received. We will attempt contact by email and/or by telephone, using the contact information provided in each individual's waiting list application. Those receiving invitations to join are given 15 days to confirm their membership with a completed application and dues paid in full. If they decline to join or do not confirm by the end of 15 days, they are taken off the waiting list and the next person on the list is invited. The process continues until either the waiting list is empty or the membership fills.

Note that NBCC cannot be responsible for obsolete contact information for those on the waiting list. Be sure to resubmit this form if your contact information changes.

Non-members wishing to join NBCC:
Please print and fill out this Membership Waiting List Application.

Photographic Society of America (PSA)

NBCC is a current and active member of the Photographic Society of America, Membership #016330. PSA is a worldwide organization for anyone interested in photography. The society includes casual shutterbugs, serious amateurs, and professional photographers. Founded in 1934, PSA has members in over 70 countries. Individual, Club, and Council memberships offer a wide variety of services and activities: a monthly magazine; online photo galleries, image evaluation, study groups, and courses; competitions; an annual conference; recognition; and discounts on photography related products and services.

Past Presidents of NBCC

1. Page Digman1965
2. Phil Ward1966
3. Ken Aiken1967
4. Bill Barr1968-9
5. Ed Kiatta1970-1
6. Jack Sullivan1972
7. Charles Cunningham1973
8. Una Flynn1974
9. Gordie Corbin1975
10. Betty Ford1976
11. Frank Lane1977
12. Judy Switt1978
13. Nancy Wolejsza1979
14. Judy Burr1980
15. David Simon1981
16. Russell Tilley1982
17. Hilda Heming1983
18. Eileen Nicosia1984
19. Lois Kochanski1985
20. B.J. Kendrick1986-7
21. Tim Campbell1988
22. Harold Berkson1989
23. Kent Mason1990
24. Gail Silverstone1991
25. Janet Myder1992-3
26. Joe Razza1994-5
27. Joel Hoffman1996-7
28. Ross Emerson1998-9
29. Nick Hanks2000
30. Jerry Gordon2001-2
31. Bob Peavy2003-4
32. Sue Oberthaler2005
33. Chuck Lee2006-7
34. Tom Sullivan2008-9
35. Bob Dargel2010-11
36. Carol Lee2012-13
37. David Davidson2014-15
38. Roy Sewall2016-17
39. Toni Robinson2018-?

Year(s) listed above begin the president's term(s) (e.g., July).

Joe Razza Special Service Award

In memory of Joe Razza and in recognition of his dedicated and outstanding service to the North Bethesda Camera Club, a special service award was established in 2005. This perpetual honor will be presented at the discretion of the NBCC President and Board of Directors (not neceessarily every year) to a member who has performed outstanding service to and through the Club that is clearly "above and beyond the call of duty" and in a manner that honor's Joe's memory. The award may be given for performance over one year or over a period of several years, and may be given several times to the same person if their service so merits.

Tom Field2005
Tom Field2007
Judy Switt2008
Stuart Mathison2009
Chuck Lee2011
José Cartas2012
Kent Mason2014
Alan Sislen2015
Lori Ducharme2016
Judy Switt2017
Chuck Lee2018

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