Electronic Image Competition (EIC)

since 2005

North Bethesda Camera Club holds a monthly competition and Members Showcase for electronic images - that is, photographic files originating from digital capture, scanned film, or scanned photographic prints. EIC is held on Competition Night along with the Print Competitions.

Submit Images by Email

Submit EIC entries by email to .

Before submitting, be sure to read and understand the latest Competition Rules, Electronic Image Submission Guidelines, and Electronic Image Archive Policy documents below. For answers, first check the Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ). Please direct further comments and questions to the EIC Coordinator for the month.

EIC Coordinators 2018-2019:
September Tom Field, October John Willis, November Willem Bier,
December John Willis, January Steven Lapidus, February Steven Lapidus,
March John Willis, April Willem Bier, May Willem Bier

Read and understand before entering Electronic Image Competition

History of EIC

In 2004, North Bethesda Camera Club under the leadership of President Bob Peavy embarked on a new course for the Club: Electronic Image Competition (EIC). A committee was chartered by the Board of Directors to study digital projection as a means of judging photographs. Members were Tom Field (chairman), Stu Mathison, Tom Sullivan, and Jim Oberthaler. The committee surveyed other clubs known to have tried EIC, conducted cost and trade studies, identified numerous issues, and proposed solutions.

The NBCC Board of Directors accepted the committee's final report, then authorized them to organize a demonstration "trial" competition for April 27, 2005. The committee drafted rules, wrote guidance documents, and generated publicity for the meeting. Tom Field wrote software to perform elimination judging within Microsoft PowerPoint. The trial was very successful, with Kent Mason judging more than 100 photographs in 90 minutes.

The NBCC Board officially instituted the Electronic Image Competition (EIC) category for the 2005 - 2006 year (see gallery of inaugural season EIC winners). This required changes to the constitution and competition rules, as well as a significant capital investment in equipment. Club members were extremely generous with voluntary donations to the equipment fund. A Canon Realis SX-50 digital projector was selected for its excellent color reproduction and relatively high resolution. With it was purchased an Acer notebook computer with DVI for optimal digital video. The system was profiled on the Da-lite matte white screen using a sophisticated photospectrometer calibration system.

EIC was overwhelmingly popular from the start. Participation quickly declined in the traditional, film-only Color Slides category; that competition was discontinued after the 2006-7 season.

NBCC Projector

Beginning in 2013, NBCC switched to a Canon WUX4000 projector for its brighter image and higher resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels).

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